Beads of Faith


Beads of Faith: Pathways to Meditation and Spirituality Using Rosaries, Prayer Beads and Sacred Words

Gray Henry and Susannah Marriott (2008) Fons Vitae Publishing

Beads of Faith: Pathways to Meditation and Spirituality Using Rosaries, Prayer Beads and Sacred Words

The practice of the rosary in various faiths is thoroughly covered in this stunning book and its accompanying DVD. For background, the commentary explains that the word "bead" has an interfaith origin: it comes from both the Sanskrit "Buddh," which refers to self-realization (the Buddha is the "Enlightened One"); and it also derives from the Saxon verb "bidden," meaning to pray. The rosaries pictured are made from such materials as rose petals, chunks of Tibetan amber, exquisitely carved Italian coral, and silken Turkish tassels. One simple mantra or prayer for each faith is also presented, as is a prize-winning DVD that takes the viewer into various world cultures where the recitation and method can be heard and seen.

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    Beads of Faith takes an in-depth look at how the rosary (strings of beads employed for counting prayers) is used by devotees of the world's great religions to achieve inner tranquility, increase spirituality and open direct channels of communication with God. Whether you are a devout believer, a culture enthusiast, or a "lost soul" seeking personal and spiritual development, this book will inspire and fascinate you in ways you did not think possible.

    Beautifully designed and illustrated throughout, this splendid compendium of sacred traditions, practices and prayers reveals the mystical secrets behind the enduring use of prayer beads within the world's rosary heritage. It will interest both the secular mystic, as well as the religious traditionalist, introducing readers to the spiritual teachings which have enriched humankind's perseverance in its quest for a higher wisdom.

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    Using beads in prayer is archetypal and common to all the great faith traditions: from the oldest, Hinduism, to modern-day Christianity; from Judaism and Islam to Buddhism. This accessible and visually enticing anthology introduces a mainstream readership to the pious mysteries underpinning the principal prayer bead traditions which have shaped religious practice across cultures.

    The focus is on key prayers and holy practices framed by inspirational quotes from past and present yogis, rabbis, gurus and saints. Written in straightforward language, this vibrant and thought-provoking book will delight the devout as well as non-faith readers, and intrigue anyone seeking inner peace through an understanding of the Divine.

    • Sacred prayer bead rituals of the world's major religions: Christianity, the Orthodox Church, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.
    • Key prayers, mantras, meditation techniques for everyday use.
    • Beautifully illustrated with contemporary photographs and inspiring works of art.