Orthodox Prayer Beads (Rosary)

  • Orthodox Rosaries
    "On the simple woolen rope of knots that forms the Orthodox rosary, the Jesus Prayer is recited. This practice is used as an aid to inner attentiveness, breath control and prostration, all of which are integral parts of this rite. Greek Orthodox monks living in monasteries perched on holy Mount Athos on the peninsula of Athos dedicate their lives to the pursuit of hesychia, a silence or a stilling of the heart. […] "

    Beads of Faith: Pathways to Meditation and Spirituality Using Rosaries, Prayer Beads and Sacred Words
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  • Eastern Orthodox Prayer Beads
    "In the Orthodox traditions of Turkey, Greece, Romania, and Russia, using prayer beads of knotted ropes is a monastic devotion, often (but not always) reserved for men. Depending on the particular tradition, a prayer strand may have 100 or 103 beads. A Romanian Orthodox prayer rope made to be worn on the wrist has 33 knots. […] "

    Dharma Beads: Making and Using Your Own Buddhist Malas
    Joanna Arettam (2000) Journey Editions; Tuttle Publishing

  • Christianity
    " […] In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, both knots and beads are used. Shorter knotted ropes are worn on the wrist. Often made of wool, the Greek prayer ropes—called kombologion—have 33, 50, or 100 knots. Russian chotki have 33, 100, or 500 knots. Sometimes the faithful use bead strands resembling a ladder (each end of a bead touching two parallel strands), which signifies the soul making its ascent […] "

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