CarnelianThis warm and beautiful gemstone was carved and strung as far back as the Neolithic Era, 10,000 years ago. Throughout history and cultures it has been considered a good luck stone, attracting prosperity and repelling bad energy.

Spiritual Properties
Promotes harmony, peace, optimism. Carnelian releases the negative emotions—anger, apathy, envy, fear, sorrow—while bolstering positive ones, such as patience and courage.

Physical Properties
As it is a healer of the spirit, so it is a healer of the body. Purifies the blood, increases passion, relieves PMS symptoms. If you're in a rut, this is the stone to get you moving.

  • Chakra: Lower abdomen
  • Element(s): Fire
  • Zodiac Sign(s): Cancer, Libra, Scorpio
  • Planet(s): Sun, Mars

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