MalachiteIts deep green, copper-rich color is evocative of all growing things. It is thus associated with personal and physical growth and with business expansion. On a higher level, it will encourage wisdom and patience. Malachite is regarded as a stone of healing.

Spiritual Properties
Healing on a spiritual level means breaking down old patterns so that new ones can take root and grow. Meditating with a malachite mala may help you get beyond stress, negative thinking, or bad relationships.

Physical Properties
"If you are attracted to this crystal, chances are you have a history of heart-related problems," says crystal healer Karen Ryan. Use a malachite mala to help attract positive energy to heart and kidneys.

  • Chakra: Heart
  • Element(s): Air
  • Zodiac Sign(s): Leo, Libra
  • Planet(s): Venus

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