PearlThese creamy, almost translucent gems come from oysters and freshwater mussels, where they grow naturally or are cultivated. Round, irregular, or seed-like, all pearls are primarily calcium carbonate, as is mother-of-pearl, which lines the inner shell of many mollusks. Yogi Bhajan meditates with a pearl mala.

Spiritual Properties
Pearls draw to you the great energy of the ocean. They inspire honesty, regeneration, and psychic and creative powers. They help balance the emotions, attract love.

Physical Properties
Pearls not used as gemstones are ground up and used in vitamins as a source of calcium, thus they promote bone growth. Metaphysically, they help the body do the same. Pearls have a vibration that attracts wealth.

  • Chakra: Lower abdomen
  • Element(s): Water
  • Zodiac Sign(s): Cancer, Libra, Scorpio
  • Planet(s): Moon

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