Tiger's Eye


Tiger's eyeThis brown quartz gem dances with an almost otherworldly yellow-gold glow (courtesy of iron oxides). Cut and polished, it does indeed resemble a feline eye. It combines the groundedness of Earth with the fire of higher passion. The Dalai Lama is known to use a tiger's eye mala.

Spiritual Properties
Meditating with a tiger's eye mala is like taking a metaphysical vitamin—it increases courage and confidence, the inner resources necessary to set and achieve life goals. Promotes clear judgment.

Physical Properties
Like all quartz crystals, tiger's eye has a finely tuned vibration. It increases energy flow, promotes wealth and prosperity.

  • Chakra: Lower abdomen
  • Element(s): Fire
  • Zodiac Sign(s): Leo, Sagittarius, Virgo
  • Planet(s): Sun, Mars

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