Rose Quartz


Rose quartzLike clear quartz, this translucent crystal with the lovely rose hue has a finely tuned vibration for channeling and healing. Aligned with the heart chakra, it is especially adept at mending matters of romance and relationships. For this reason it is often called "the love stone."

Spiritual Properties
Its vibration helps you channel negative energy away from you, filling the void with kindness and compassion. You are thus better equipped to give and receive love—romantic, familial, and platonic. Heightens awareness and appreciation of beauty in nature and art.

Physical Properties
Physically, rose quartz helps you attain good health—to be, as its delicate color suggests, "in the pink." Meditate with a mala containing at least some of these stones, and you will notice a marked decrease in stress.

  • Chakra: Heart
  • Element(s): Air
  • Zodiac Sign(s): Leo, Libra
  • Planet(s): Venus

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